About us

Video tour

A video from our plant. It guides you through the manufacturing process of our products and presents individual production sections and available technologies.

We are a manufacturer of seats and other interior parts.
We primarily supply our products to the automotive industry, but we also implement suitable solutions for customers from other industries.

We have sustained rewarding growth since 2012 and built the pillars of our success on:

Satisfied customers are the energy that drives us ahead. We know that each customer has specific needs, so we are flexible. Our development department resolutely seeks original solutions.

This would be impossible without first-rate quality of our products, so emphasis on production quality is our philosophy. We are ISO 9001 certified. We regularly audit our activities during VDA audits. We share our quality politics with our partners.

Certificate ISO 9001

Quality politics

In everything we do, we never forget that our most valuable asset is our employees. Even though there are already more than 150 of us, we are still one big family. We regularly train our employees and take care of their career development and satisfaction. We want all our employees to be proud to work at Repro.


Company foundation

In Lom near Most we begin production of upholstered arm- and headrests for light commercial vehicles. We don’t have much experience or employees yet, but we are not short of enthusiasm and a desire to improve.

First manufactured seat

The customer is satisfied with our products and requests the production of an entire seat. So, we expand our production team and out first car sear leaves the production line.

Moving to Litvínov

Volumes continue to grow, the existing premises are no longer big enough for us, so we move to new production premises in Litvínov.

Thank to this step, we increase our production capacity by 100%. We also significantly invest in machinery and purchase an automatic cutting machine.

Product portfolio expansion

We purchase other specialised machinery and thereby expand our product portfolio. We include rubber mats and textile carpets for several automotive brands into our product portfolio.

Construction of a glue shop

We add glued floor sets to our existing products. A specialised gluing shop and the hiring of new co-workers facilitates this process. The product soon catches on and our series production volume continues to grow.

Acquisition by Snoeks Automotive

As a strategic supplier, we become a member of a strong group. Thank to the merger with Snoeks Automotive, we further expand our experience and professionalism. The development department acquires access to a large number of modern technologies. Our team is also complemented by a number of experts and specialists from the automotive industry and interior parts production.

JIT Productions

We begin producing complete car-sets comprising seats, metal parts, armrests, headrests and other small parts. This helps us save on packaging and transportation costs. To further increase our efficiency, we also transition to Just In Time mode.


Moving and modernisation of production

We are moving again. This time, within the same complex. We expand our production facilities and thus increase our manufacturing capacity. We modernise our production lines, move the warehouse and build new offices for more employees.