Headrests & Armrests

Carpets, straps, labels...

Upholstery covers

Other textile production


The development and production of seats is our main activity. We particularly specialize in the segment of light commercial vehicles, but we are also able to design suitable solutions for other segments. You will find our seats in the cars of most renown global manufacturers. Thanks to flexible production and in-house development, we offer a wide assortment of sizes, shapes, functions and décors. In total, we have 500 different variants in our portfolio.


We can manufacture headrests and armrests not just for the seats produced in our plant, but also for other projects. The basis of both product lines is our in-house engineering solution, which we continue improving. The final product design always completes the appearance of a particular vehicle seat design. We additionally deliver most of the sets made this way in the JIT mode.


We also produce other interior parts and accessories for our customers.
That is why in our plant you will find technologies for the production of car mats, rubber mats, textile loops and labels, or, for example, a production line for gluing floors.


We are able to design and sew upholstery covers for all our products and customers. We process a wide variety of materials and patterns. We design the look of each cover so it corresponds with the interior of the entire car. We also operate our own fabric cutting machine, with which we are virtually able to cut any shape.


Although we specialise in vehicle interiors, our experienced personnel are always ready for other projects. For example, recently we changed our production portfolio for several months to include fabric face masks, which we then distributed where needed.